Introducing Tornado Alert

Tornado Alert is a scientific breakthrough based upon over 40 years of research. Unlike existing warning technologies, Tornado Alert constantly monitors the skies in real-time for electrical activity, the scientifically proven cause of tornado formation. Tornado Alert will tell you when a tornado, lightning or severe weather is detected within a 30 mile radius of your location, that’s up to 30 minutes warning with live proximity status, giving you with critical time to get to safety, day or night.

Testimonial – Bob Herrin


This is a great unit. We’re in Florida right now and I brought the unit along. It’s kept us up to date on the severity of a couple of thunderstorms that have come and gone. I’m amazed at the kind of information it gives, as well as the accuracy. No tornadoes yet, but we have been informed about the severity of thunderstorms here!

Testimonial – Paul Martin

Austin, TX

I’ve owned a TAU for about six weeks now, and I continue to be impressed with it. Unlike weather radios, the unit only alarms when dangerous conditions are nearby. And even before the unit sounds the alarm, it regularly provides owners with updates on nearby lightning and storm intensity reports. I’ve been really impressed with the level of customer service from earlyAlert; they actively seek feedback and data from users to continue to improve the product. It’s exciting to see a company actively building relationships with its product’s users, allowing TAU owners to be a part of the team. The TAU represents the most recent evolution in affordable weather detection technology. I highly recommend anyone with an interest in weather monitoring to keep one in their home and workplace.